Mother Nature's Barn

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There are many reasons why people are drawn to meditation and 

mindfulness. Meditation has enriched people's lives for thousands of years.

 Whatever your situation, meditation and mindfulness can help. 

Meditation is a way of life. Once you start learning formally how to practise, 

you can enjoy the new way of life it offers.



Through years of conditioning, many of us become fearful, anxious and stressed.

Over time, our bodies also start telling us this too, through pain and illness. 

However, despite appearances, this is not who we really are.

When our thoughts are not focused on anything in particular, the "monkey mind" tends to kick in. We often worry about the past or future, revisiting frequently travelled negative thought patterns. The monkey mind is associated with discontent. Through meditation the monkey mind is dialled down. Research has shown that new connections are made in the brain when we meditate, enabling us to "snap out" of the thoughts that preoccupy us.

 The moment this starts to happen, we become a little more peaceful.

As we start to awaken, we once again see the beauty in the world around us.


Fortnightly Meditation Group

Every other Wednesday, we hold a Meditation Group at Mother Nature’s Barn – 

and it’s free of charge. Whether you have never meditated before or 

you regularly practise, please do join us. The collective energy created in a 

group meditation is especially helpful when you are beginning your 

meditation journey. 

Please phone, text or email in advance to let 

us know you're coming.

The Meditation Group is free to everyone.

The evening starts at 7.30pm.

We start with a 5-minute meditation. 

We then talk about a chosen topic - for example; gratitude, breathing or 

compassionate listening.

We then meditate for 20/30 minutes.

Feel free to stay afterwards for a drink and a chat.

The evening draws to a close at 9pm.


28th February

14th March

28th March


8-Week Meditation Course

Our 8-Week Meditation Course has been designed for anyone wishing to learn how to meditate. The Course covers:

Meditation and its benefits;

Mindfulness and its benefits;

Awareness, thoughts, beliefs, stress and emotions;

Recognising and interrupting thoughts;

Happiness comes from within;

Compassion and loving kindness;

The Self and awakening;

Suffering and letting go.

You will experience 6 meditations throughout the course and you will 

be given a copy of

each meditation and a manual to take home.

The Course costs £185 and requires you to meditate daily at home and attend 

classes at Mother Nature's Barn for 1.5 hours each week.


Some examples of how meditation can help you in your life

You're feeling angry and upset with your partner. You keep going over in your mind the conversation you had earlier that day. The following morning, you realise that these negative feelings have evaporated - in the past they would have stuck around for days. What has changed? Your anger and anxiety have reduced and you are seeing things from a new perspective. You are aware of your negative thoughts and you can let them go without being a prisoner to them.

You are having difficulties with a certain work colleague, to the point that you start avoiding them in the workplace. One day you bump into them, and as usual they try to foist their negative feelings onto you. But this time you react differently. Now you sense their suffering. You listen to them with patience and compassion for the first time. During the conversation, you mention that you've recently joined a meditation group and are finding it beneficial. To your surprise, your colleague seems genuinely interested, and you end up inviting them along to the next class. You sit back down at your desk. You don't feel tired and dejected as you did in the past. You feel empowered. What has changed? You are developing compassion and loving kindness.


You feel physically lighter and seem to have more energy than usual – you 

think you may even have lost a few pounds! What has changed?

Your sleep has improved and you feel less stressed, and through a mindful 

approach to food you seem to be eating more healthily.

You’re out walking your dog. You are feeling more connected than usual to your surroundings and your four-legged companion. You are appreciating life and feeling content. What has changed? Your mind is calm and peaceful, and your emotions are in balance. You’re starting to feel at one with nature.
You’re driving to work, following the same route you have travelled for years. However, this time you notice a beautiful big oak tree growing near your workplace. You can’t believe you haven't noticed it before. At lunchtime, you go and sit under the tree and enjoy your lunch – normally you would just grab a quick sandwich at your desk. What has changed? You are living more in the present moment. When we do things on autopilot, our mind tends to drift, either into the past or an imagined future. This means we are not fully present. When we are present, we start to really notice this beautiful planet we all share.

 Jon Kabat Zinn