Mother Nature's Barn

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Nature Days

Nature has many health benefits to offer everyone!


  We need to regain the inner connection that we had with Nature. We need to protect Nature. We need to awaken from our inertia. A tree offers fruit and shelter. It also purifies water and air. It even gives shade to the one who cuts it. 


Together we can unplug from our electrical devices and connect with nature.

Take a walk in the countryside and see beauty all around.

Collect wood for the fire.

Experience the earth meditation.

Listen to stories to uplift and inspire.

Contribute towards buying a tree.

Come and spend the morning/afternoon with us and with nature, and go home feeling grounded and refreshed.


Our Nature Days take place throughout the year on selected dates. Join our 

Facebook group for more information.

If you’d like to join us on a Nature Day, we ask for £15 per person.

"Human beings can learn many things from Nature. Look at an apple tree. It gives all its fruits to others, keeping nothing for itself. Its very existence is for other living beings.  Children, each and every object in Creation teaches us sacrifice.



There is no WI-FI in the forest. But I promise you a better connection.