Mother Nature's Barn

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When I first met Matt and Jenny I had been suffering with depression and anxiety for two decades.  They took me under their wing and over a period of eight months of meditation, talking and Reiki I can proudly say I am now happy, more confident, sociable and more able to cope.  Previously I had been to see many different types of therapists, both traditional and complementary, and even had psychotherapy on and off for eight years.  I had in short spent a small fortune in trying to find peace.

The reasons why Matt and Jenny were able to help me where others couldn't was because they used their own life experiences and troubles in order to help me.  That combined with the teachings of meditation and mindfulness, and complemented by Reiki healing for the body, mind and spirit was a powerful combination.

I am still on my journey and enjoying observing the changes in me and reaping the rewards of my successes.  I know my mind and soul have healed tremendously and look forward to more healing, particularly in my body as it has been under a lot of stress for so long.

The Meditation Group that Matt and Jenny offer is fantastic and is a wonderful place to meet like minded friendly people.  It was the key to learning to be with people again and improving my social skills.  The group is held in the perfect setting as the Barn is a calming place to be and is cool in summer and cosy in winter, complete with a wood burner.

Matt and Jenny are the warmest, caring and loving people I have met.

8 Week Meditation Course

When I started out on Mother Nature's Barn Eight Week Meditation Course I wasn't a complete newbie to the concepts and ideas, however, I was finding it difficult to implement the things I had learnt into my everyday life. This is where the course really helped change things for me. Taking the journey with the support of Jenny and fellow course mates really made the difference.

I enjoyed the course very much as it is structured but allows for lots of discussions. Jenny's primary aim is to help others which means she is very supportive, understanding and doesn't restrict the time if things are in full flow.

My husband saw such a change in me that he has now enrolled himself on the next course. I can therefore highly recommend it!

Wellbeing Party

Absolutely wonderful afternoon being pampered, the best facial I've ever had! Will defo be coming back, thank you for such an amazingly relaxing afternoon! Fiona

Such a lovely afternoon with wonderful treatments. Would highly recommend for a little escape from reality! Lucy

Amazing treatments with lovely people, highly recommend! Lesley


Thank you Jen for my wonderful treatment today, arrived with an aching head and left cured, feeling very relaxed. Can't wait to visit again. Emma xxx

My reflexology treatment with Abi at Mother Nature's Barn was really quite wonderful. Abi had a very gentle but firm touch and she was able to tell me of any potential problems in other parts of the body. A very relaxing treatment which I would highly recommend. Moira